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Going Solar

Moving into the world of photovoltaics, we got our start with the initial preassembly of the mounting system yesterday. It's from Ready Solar, a startup located in Portola Valley, California. Here are candid shots of the Ready Solar crew demonstrating how to assembly their patented framing system. It's designed to replace the ugly mounting system that you typically see in most solar system installations. Our system is a small 1.81 KW system which will sit on a south facing roof at the front of our home. If you looking to photovoltaic, you'll find that many companies tell you that solar systems will add to the value of your home, but don't kid yourself. It all depend on where they are placed what impacts these systems have on the curb appeal of your home. The frame will give the panels a more attractive appearance.

We're using Sanyo 205 panels, one of the most efficient panels available today.

The Crew from Ready Solar
The crew from Ready Solar
Meredith McClintock, President, lends a helpful hand.
Meredith McClintock,President
Laying out the Ready Solar framing mounting system
.Laying out the fame parts
Measuring #1
Measuring #1 Measuring #2
Measuring #2
This is how it will fit together.
Onlookers don't miss a beat.
The finished frame layout will look like a picture frame around the solar panels.
the finished frame
The installation is scheduled to start tomorrow.
March 27, 2007

by Digital Artist
Virginia Bacon

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